Stockpile Dust Control Solutions

The solution to suppressing stockpile dust depends on many factors including:

  • material characteristics - material type and lump or fines
  • how the material behaves when wet - crust or slush
  • material processing sensitivity to additives
  • availability of water & water quality
  • feasibility of installation of spray system
  • stockpile turnover frequency
  • stacking and reclaiming method

The following are some of the options for suppressing stockpile dust that Wet Earth can supply.

Stockpile Spray System

Stockpile dust suppression is simply a case of stabilising the surface of the material. This is usually done with regular watering. Wet Earth has a range of long throw, high angle sprinklers which are suitable for stockpile dust suppression. We can also provide the full solution including sprinklers, valves and control system.

Please follow the link for more information on Stockpile Dust Control Spray Systems.

Fog Cannon

In cases where either the material can not get wet or the action of adding or removing material generates an unacceptable amount of dust then Fog Cannons™ are the recommended solution. Wet Earth is the exclusive distributor of Fog Cannons™ in Australia.

Please follow the link for more information on Fog Cannons.

Crusting Agents

When using either high volume sprinklers or Fog Cannons the addition of a polymer based crusting agent can dramatically reduce the frequency of application and also improve the dust suppression performance in high wind conditions.

Wet Earth has two crusting agents that it uses for these applications. RT5 Superskin is a cost effective solution for most applications. TGC is used on materials such as sand or areas with high angles.

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