Evaporation Misting Solutions

Evaporation Misting Solutions have the benefit of being being quick to implement and relatively low capital cost. They are also useful where Evaporation Cannons and Evaporation Spray Systems are not suitable such as the following:

  • No land available or permission to spray the water exclude Evaporation Spray Systems
  • Noise restrictions exclude Evaporation Cannons
  • Evaporation Cannons can not be positioned to keep the un-evaporated water in the water storage
  • Suspended solids make the fine nozzles of Evaporation Cannons a maintenance problem

Evaporation Misting Solutions are based on the same principals as Evaporation Cannons in they try to minimise the droplet size (to encourage evaporation) and spread the mist over as large an area as possible, while keeping within the allowable operational limits

We work with clients to design a site specific solution to maximise water evaporation. Where practical we use existing site equipment to minimise cost and reduce implementation time.

We are currently providing solutions (nozzles, sprinklers & pumps) within 3 weeks.

The following photo illustrates a simple system of 4 x nozzles on risers powered by a diesel pump.

The following video illustrates using a sprinkler with a misting nozzle to create relatively small droplets. The sprinkler can rotate but is shown as stationary in the video to demonstrate the throw pattern.


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