Bermad Control Valves

Bermad Control Valves are used extensively in the mining industry due to their flexibility. The valves use the pressure of the water to assist in their operation, as a result only a small volume of the water needs to be controlled to control the valve. This allows small control elements such as solenoids, pressure pilots etc to control and give functionality to the valve. As a result of this any actuation of the valve can be done with very low power relative to other valve types. The following are some of the more common functions these valves are used for. Note that it is possible to combine multiple functions on a single valve:
  • On / Off Electrical Control
  • Pressure Reduction - partly closes to reduce outlet pressure to a set value
  • Pressure Sustaining - partly closes to reduce inlet pressure to a set value
  • Pressure Relief - partly opens to reduce inlet pressure to keep it below a set level
  • Level Control using float - a float opens or closes a pilot valve which opens which lets water through the valve
  • Level Control using Altitude pilot - pilot senses the pressure and opens or closes the valve
  • Pneumatic Control
Bermad Hydraulic Control Valves come in a range of models. The following is a brief summary of the ranges used in mining applications. The 400 Series is the most common:
  • 400 Series: Coated Iron, PN16, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 50mm to 400mm flanged
  • 100 Series: Glass-Filled Nylon, PN10, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 80mm to 150mm flanged
  • 300 Series: Glass-Filled Nylon head (body material depends on size), PN10, 40mm - 80mm threaded
  • 700 Series: Coated Iron, PN16 & PN25, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 50mm to 500mm flanged
We have also included below some of the more common valves used in Mining applications.

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