Haul Road Dust Control Spray System

The Haul Road Dust Control Spray System provides automated, high frequency, light watering of the haul road to prevent dust lift off. It does it without the high labour or equipment costs associated with water tankers.

The Haul Road Dust Control Spray System can be used in both underground and above ground mining.


The features of the Haul Road Dust Control Spray System include:
  • Fully automated operation
  • Road widths up to 60m wide
  • Can use most water types
  • PLC based control system
    • Fully customisable
    • Can use site standard PLC brands & models
  • Single 4 core cable controls complete system
  • Control system uses Extra Low Voltage
  • Unlimited control system length
  • Mining grade sprinklers and valves


The benefits of the Haul Road Dust Control Spray System include:
  • Reduce costs (minimal ongoing costs)
  • High level of control of application rates and application frequencies
  • Natural intermittent / spaced watering
  • Easy integration with mine systems
  • Can be easily extended or modified

Increased Control

The Haul Road Dust Control Spray System can increase the level of control in haul road watering:
  • Can control the amount of water delivered by changing the run time of sprays
  • Can easily change the system run frequency
  • Can deliver different amounts of water on different parts of the haul road
  • Day of week and hour of day variable control


There are a range of options that can be included in a Haul Road Dust Control System:
  • Weather Station based automatic program adjustment
  • Integration with site Citect or SCADA systems
  • Sprays pause when vehicles pass
  • Chemical dosing system integration to reduce water usage
  • Solar powered control system
  • Web based reporting
  • SMS reporting, notification and control
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