Sprinklers & Water Cannons

Wet Earth can supply sprinklers from a range of suppliers, but we have limited the list below to those brands that we use regularly and know are reliable in Australian conditions and are well supported in Australia. The following discusses the sprinklers in their throw distance groups.

Long Throw Sprinklers - 30m to 95m radius

In the long throw sprinkler range there are many manufactures including Nelson Big Gun, Rainbird, Komet, Nodini and Sime. There are two distinctly different modes of operation in this size sprinkler - impacts and gear drives. Both impacts and gear drive modes offer reliable systems and are interchangeable. It is important to note that when looking at sprinkler performance datasheets for sprinklers in this range that not too much weight is given to differences in quoted throw lengths for the same nozzle size and pressure. Generally quality sprinklers with the same nozzle size, pressure and elevation angle will have the same throw distance - variations in specifications are more due to manufacturers testing locations (eg higher altitude have longer throws) and methodology than the performance of the sprinkler. Gear drive sprinklers with a secondary nozzle may have a slightly higher flow rate due to the water through this nozzle.

One of the important decisions with these sprinklers is matching the material of construction to the water quality and environment. Most of the sprinklers in this range are aluminium, but some come anodised as standard and for some this is an option. Some also offer powder coating as an option. For corrosive environments some manufacturers offer stainless steel versions or have special corrosion resistant models.

Impact Sprinklers - 9 to 30m radius

There are a large number of suppliers of brass impact sprinklers and in most cases the manufacturer is not even specified. As a result care needs to be taken to only purchase from reputable supplier to ensure you are getting a quality product.

The major issue when selecting an impact sprinkler is in choosing one appropriate for the environment and water quality. The exposed spring on some models is a know point of failure in dusty environments. We recommend impact sprinklers from either Sime or Senninger for dusty environments because they have dust covers over the springs. The rotation limits on part circle models can also cause problems in some environments.