Open Area Dust Control Solutions

Open area dust control can separated into two different areas. Traffic Areas and Non-Traffic Areas.

Traffic Areas

These are areas that are driven or walked on or have stock or wildlife on them. Suppressing the dust on these is typically done as per haul roads or rural roads so please see those sections.

Non-Traffic Areas

This includes stockpiles, dry tailing dams, rehabilitation areas, pre stripped areas and other areas of the mine where dust is generated which does not get any traffic. To suppress the dust on these areas it is possible to use a crusting agent which seals the surface. Note that any dust that gets blown onto the crusted areas do not get suppressed and wind borne dust can actually damage the surface crust in some cases.

Wet Earth has a range of crusting agents that it uses for these applications including: DustWorx GX a NEW cost effective and easy to use solution for most applications. RT5 Superskin is also a cost effective solution suitable for most applications. TGC is used on materials such as sand or areas with high angles.

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