Dustroid Dust Sensor and Reporting System

Dustroid Dust SensorThe Dustroid Dust Sensor is an integrated unit which includes the dust sensor, data logging and online reporting system all in an IP65 enclosure. The unit has extensive interfaces so information can be extracted in real time from the unit or from the online reporting system which can be configured with alerts.

The basis of the Dustroid Dust Sensor is the sensing functionality which captures the following:
  • Ultra Fine Particulate Matter (PM1) UFPM
  • Respiratory Suspended Particulate Matter (PM2.5) RSPM
  • Suspended Particulate Matter (PM10) SPM
  • Total Suspended Particulates (PM100) TSP
  • Temperature, Humidity & Pressure
Additional modules can be added to capture the following:
  • Rain
  • Wind speed/direction
All of the above information can be accessed real time from the Dustroid Dust Sensor and it can be programmed with a threshold (eg PN10 dust level > predefined value) to trigger external equipment such Dust Suppression Systems.

The Dustroid Dust Sensor can also be connected to the internet via Ethernet cable, WIFI or GSM (requires SIM card) which will allow it to upload data to the web platform. The web platform allows data to be graphed and downloaded and email alerts to be created.

The Dustroid Dust Sensor comes in two options the Dustroid Smart and Dustroid Pro. The Dustroid Pro includes a heater on the dust particle inlet which prevents errors when measuring dust where there is moisture in the air such when there is fog or when water sprays or mist / fog are used for dust suppression.

The Dustroid Smart and Dustroid Pro can be purchased or hired. The web platform has free access for the first year and then an annual fee. Please contact us for pricing.

If you have a particular dust control application you would like to discuss or would like more information then please call us on +61 2 6062 3300 or send an email to sales@wetearth.com.au.