Above Ground Mining Dust Control Solutions

Above ground mining generates dust in a number of ways. Wet Earth can provide solutions to the majority of dust sources in mining.

Draglines and Shovels

Dragline and shovels can create a significant amount of dust which is very difficult to prevent or suppress. Some sites have had success pre wetting the area prior to mining which increases the Dust Extinction Moisture level and reduces the dust. This can be achieved through water cart sprays or using sprinklers. To minimise pumping and piping these sprinklers may be connected to dewatering lines.

Large Fog Cannons can also be used to target the point sources of dust caused by mining. The FC150 and FC250 units are the most practical for this application because their long through allows them to be located away from the mobile equipment and it gives them a chance to mitigate the effects of wind on their performance.

Please follow the link for more information on Fog Cannons.


Similar to dragline and shovels above, pre wetting may be an option. Fog Cannons really come into their own with blasting as they not only suppress the dust and fumes, but by using a special additive they also also reduce the propagation of the blast wave through the atmosphere. This suppresses all the major community concerns with blasting.

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