Dust Suppression Sprays & Nozzles

Wet Earth can supply dust control solutions using sprays & nozzles for a range of applications.

Dust Control Sprays

Dust control sprays are usually used to wet the ground / material / road to hold the fines into the surface to prevent dust lift off. Dust control sprays are self rotating sprinklers with throw distances from 8m to 90m. Some of the applications for these include:

  • Stockpiles
  • Above ground haul roads
  • Hydrocarbon pads
  • Waste water evaporation

Dust Suppression Nozzles

Dust suppression nozzles are used to either wet the ground /material similar to the sprays above or to suppress airborne dust. These nozzles come in a range of types, styles, material and functions. Some of the mining applications for these include:

  • Underground haul road dust suppression
  • Material transfer point dust suppression
  • Conveyor dust suppression and material wetting
  • Dump Hopper dust suppression
  • Crushing dust suppression
  • Transfer point dust suppression
  • Mobile machinery dust suppression

Complete Solution

Wet Earth can provide the complete solution including the design, supply, fabrication and supervise local contractors to install. Some of the elements of a complete system may include:

  • Sprays & nozzles (sprinklers with 90m throw to misting nozzles)
  • Valves (manual, electrical , pressure reduction, air/vacuum relief )
  • Control (from push button timers to PLC based CITECT interface, remote control systems)
  • Filtration & water conditioning
  • Pumping & piping

If you have a particular application you would like us to discuss, require project pricing or would like more information on any of the products in this section then please call 02 60623300 or send an email to sales@wetearth.com.au.