DustWorx: Super Concentrated Haul Road Dust Suppressant

DustWorx® has been replaced by DustWorx® GX which is a better performing, easier to use and more cost effective product.

DustWorx® is Super Concentrated Polymer Dispersion that is diluted into your water carts at very low dosage rates and sprayed onto unsealed roads to instantly reduce dust levels.

Based on leading edge Nano Polymer technology, DustWorx® requires very small quantities of product to achieve instant dust suppressing results while saving on product costs, shipping and storage.

  • Designed for mine haul roads
  • Easily applied - liquid not powder
  • Nano polymers to bind and hold fine dust particles
  • 100% environmentally safe
  • Zero harm to application equipment
  • Can be used in fresh, KCl and salt water
  • Cost effective

Pricing is based on a per litre rate. It can be supplied in 1L, 5L, 25L, 200L (drum), 1000L (IBC container) quantities. Download brochure here.


For mine haul roads DustWorx® is added to every water cart at a rate of 1:50,000. The diluted DustWorx® is applied as part of the standard watering process and results are achieved instantly. Monitor the results as it should be possible to reduce the amount of DustWorx® used as it builds up in the road surface. Road grading helps blend the DustWorx® into the road surface, but DustWorx will reduce the grading requirement.

For rural roads DustWorx® can be applied at a higher concentration (1:1,000) to maximise the time between watering.

DustWorx® can also be used in road construction with 1L used per 12.5m3 of road material.


  • Instant dust suppressing results achieved using very low application rates
  • Super concentrated Polymer dispersion
  • Instantly reduces watering requirements
  • Increases ground compaction
  • Reduces road maintenance requirements
  • Improves site safety
  • Easier and safer to use than powdered polymers
  • Very cost effective due to increased water cart and grader efficiency
  • Low transport and freight requirements
  • Does not increase road slipperiness
  • Excellent freeze-thaw stability.