Dust Tex Net Dust Fence

DustTexNet is a large scale dust containment system. It is also commonly called a dust wall.

DustTexNet Material

The mesh structure of the DustTexNet makes it washable and resistant to wind and dust. The mesh allows air to pass through the net but not the dust which is trapped in the inner side of the containment net and cannot escape.

The DustTexNet also reduces the wind speed downwind reducing dust lift off so it provides a combined function of dust and wind fence.

The DustTexNet is designed to be self cleaning, resist UVA rays and doesn’t lose its color. It also maintains its mechanical characteristics for at least 5 years. The wind that brings dust onto the DustTexNet will also dry and shake the DustTexNet causing the dust to fall to the base of the net itself.

DustTexNet looks like shade mesh which is commonly used for small scale dust walls. DustTexNet is different from shade mesh in the following ways:

  • DustTexNet is non sparking and non flammable, ideal for coal
  • DustTexNet is self cleaning
  • DustTexNet has electrostatic attraction of dust particles
  • DustTexNet has finer pores capturing smaller dust particles

The DustTexNet material is a critical part of the DustTexNet installation, but the installation provides additional benefits:

  • 10m to 55m high walls
  • Zig zag material installation changes the angle of impact resulting in smaller dust particles captured
  • Safety material release in very high winds reducing structural support requirements and costs

This photo of a demonstration unit shows how the DustTexNet is secured, although in most applications the top of the material would be permanently secured (cable runs through mesh seam) and would not have the release clips.

DustTexNet Advantages

  • Designed to stop dust particles while allowing air molecules to pass through
  • Wind braking effect reducing dust lift off and dust movement
  • Electrostatic attraction of dust particles to capture smaller dust particles when they impact the material
  • Self cleaning through the action of the wind
  • Non sparking and non flammable
  • UV stable for long lifespan
  • Resistant to strong winds

DustTexNet benefits over solid walls

  • Solid walls create wind turbulence which can cause dust lift off
  • Solid walls are more expensive

Dust Fence vs Wind Fence

Wet Earth also offers the DSI DustTamer Wind Fence. This page discusses the differences between Wind Fences and Dust Fences.

More Information on Wind Fences

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