Haul Road Dust Control Solutions

If you are looking for information on rural road dust solutions then please go to our Rural Road Dust Control page.

Haul road dust is usually controlled by water carts periodically spraying the road. The following are some of the options to improve on this approach

Haul Road Dust Control Chemicals

There are a large range of chemicals which can be used for dust suppression. They can be used to reduce dust, improve road structure and most commonly to reduce water truck and water usage.

The following are some of the key products.


DustWorx® is a super concentrated polymer based product which is used as an ongoing additive to water trucks. Some of the benefits include:

  • Instant dust suppressing results achieved using very low application rates
  • Reduces watering frequency (typically 50%)
  • Reduces water usage (up to 75% saving)
  • Increases road compaction and strength
  • Reduces road maintenance requirements
  • Saves money through reduced water cart and grader use
  • Low transport and freight requirements due to super concentrate
  • Does not increase road slipperiness
DustWorx's low application rate of 1L per 50,000L of water means that DustWorx is cost effective and through reduced water cart usage sites can actually save money in addition to reducing haul road dust.

Wet Earth can supply water truck based and standpipe based dosing systems for DustWorx. These system make it simple to dose each water cart as it fills.

Feedback we have received from clients using DustWorx is they have been able to take water carts out of service and significantly reduced the amount of grading on their roads. Wet Earth has major Australian mines that have been continuously using DustWorx since 2013.

For more information please visit our DustWorx page.


Zero is a environmentally friendly ‘Synthetic Organic’ formulation which coats the fines and binds them to the road surface. A single application of Zero can prevent 100% of dust without the need to regularly water the road for up to 12 months. Reapplication usually only requires 30% of the original dosage. Ideal for car parks, storage yards and roads where DustWorx is not an option.

For more information please visit our Zero page.

Haul Road Dust Control Spray Systems

Wet Earth can design and supply automated spray systems for both open pit and underground mine haul roads. These spray systems include the following:

  • elimination of water trucks off haul roads
    • potential cost savings if water truck numbers can be reduced
    • productivity benefits if water truck are a cause of haul road congestion
    • ability to utilise water trucks elsewhere - eg water disposal
  • high frequency watering with lower application rates
    • improved dust suppression
    • reduction in haul road wear caused by over watering
    • reduced risk of slippage due to over watering
  • more control of watering frequency and amount of water delivered each pass
  • designed for site specific road width, lengths and elevation changes
  • control system can be customised to suit site standards and CITECT systems
Please follow the link for more information on Haul Road Dust Control Spray Systems.