Conveyor & Transfer Point Dust Control Solutions

The most efficient approach for dust suppression of conveyor belts and transfer points is to have the material as close to its Dust Extinction Mosture (DEM) level as early in the process as possible. If this is not practical then a structure to physical contain the dust would provide significant benefit. The final and least efficient approach is to try and suppress the airborne dust through misting or fogging.

Increasing the moisture level can be simply done by an array of nozzles over the conveyor applying an appropriate amount of water to increase its moisture level to the DEM. The addition of wetting agents to the water can be used to improve the thoroughness of wetting.

Misting systems can be used inside contained areas such as transfer chutes to suppress the dust at the source or it can be used at the points where the dust escapes the contained areas such as chute openings. Airborne Dust can cause problems with equipment so it is usually best to suppress the dust as close to the source as possible.

Wet Earth can work with you to design and supply a spray or misting solution to increase your DEM or suppress airborne dust. Please call us on 02 6062 3300 or email to discuss your project.