Tailings Dam Dust Control

The solution to suppressing tailings dam dust depends on many factors including:

  • is the tailings dam active
  • dimensions of the dam
  • can the dam be driven on
  • site weather conditions

The following are some of the options for suppressing dust on tailings dams that Wet Earth can supply.

Wind Fences

By reducing the wind across the tailings surface it is possible to prevent dust lift off. Usually only suitable for inactive tailings dams with a long life they can provide a one off maintenance free solution that will prevent dust lift off.

Wet Earth can provide the full solution from structural design through to structure manufacture and supply of the material and fencing system. More information can be found on these system on our DSI DustTamer Wind Fences page.

Water Spray Systems

Wet Earth has a range of long throw, high angle sprinklers which can be placed around and even with the tailings dam to provide water based dust suppression. We can also provide the full solution including sprinklers, valves and control system. The equipment used for this is similar to that used on Stockpile Dust Control Spray Systems.

Crusting Agents

Crusting agents can be applied with high volume sprinklers, water trucks, low ground pressure water truck or aircraft. Crusting agents can can be applied as a one off application lasting up to 18 months. They can also be used with a spray system to prevent dust lift off during high wind events or to reduce water usage.

Wet Earth has three crusting agents that it uses for these applications. For more information including a comparison and discussion of surface crusting visit our Crusting Chemicals Soil & Binders page.

Please call us on 02 6062 3300 or email sales@wetearth.com.au to discuss your tailings dam dust control project.