Sime Sprinklers

Sime sprinklers are a quality Italian sprinkler that have been used in mining in Australia for over 40 years. They have a proven track record of working under the toughest Australian conditions and customised models have been developed for Australian specific uses.

The Sime sprinklers are anodised aluminium so they are tolerant to most waters and environment. In the larger sizes we recommend the gear drive models (Climber, Mariner & Skipper) as they have a proven history in Australian mining conditions. Wet Earth also supplies versions of these which have been customised for the higher pressures and variable water quality used in the Australian mining industry.

Due to range of sprinklers and customisations available we would prefer to talk to you to make sure you are getting the correct one for your application. If you are interested in one of these sprinklers then please call us on 02 6062 3300 or email at


Sime Sprinklers can be used for a range of uses including:

  • dust supression;
  • waste water;
  • automated washdown systems;
  • firefighting;


The following table lists the Sime sprinkler commonly used in mining in Australia. Pricing is based on a one off price so please contact us for project pricing.

ModelRRP Price
(ex GST)
Jet Length
Angle 15 to 35
SB Mariner$18802 1/2"29-115
27-67318-2162Gear Drive
Short Barrel
Climber$2,1002 1/2"29-115
27-67318-2162Gear Drive
Angle 18 to 46
Mining Skipper$9801 1/2"29-85
20-44120-922Gear Drive
Mine Hardened
Ambo$2501 1/2"22-7016-2976-406Impact

Note that Master, Mariner, Climber and Skipper are all rated to 200psi when customised as per our specs.

Wet Earth can also supply any models from the full range of Sime sprinklers as found on the Sime Sprinkler website.