Hi-Foam: Dust Suppressant for Crushers & Conveyors

Hi-Foam Dust Suppressant for Crushers & Conveyors

Foam has become a popular dust suppressant for crushers and conveyors because it adds minimal moisture to the product and travels with the material through the conveyor system providing a dust suppression through the system.

Hi-Foam expands water to 8 times its normal size providing a large coverage with minimal water. Hi-Foam has been designed to create a long lasting foam that has the right balance of stiffness so it retains its coverage and flowability so it can coat all the material (and not just sit on top).

Other solutions for dust control on conveyor systems such as dry fog or sprays that increase the material moisture level require application at more points in the system than foam. Dry fog does add minimal water, but only suppresses dust at the point it is applied and has no long term effect on the material. Sprays that add moisture only coat the exposed surface of the particles, so as they move through the conveyor system more water needs to be added as new surfaces are exposed. Foam travels with the material and coats new surfaces as they are exposed.

Pricing is based on a per litre rate. It can be supplied in 25L and 1000L (IBC container) quantities.

Wet Earth can also provide Foaming Systems - systems that use Hi-Foam, water and compressed air, to create the foam that can be applied at crushers and on conveyor systems.

If you have a particular application you would like to discuss or would like more information then please call us on +61 2 6062 3300 or send an email to sales@wetearth.com.au.