RT20 Dynamic - Compaction Aid

RT20 Dynamic - Compaction Aid

RT20 is a liquid soil stabiliser. It does not bind the particles, but facilitates their compaction to provide a stronger, more water resistant surface. It can be used for both roads and construction projects where surface compaction is critical.

Key Benefits

  • Improves the quality of substandard construction materials
  • Surfaces requires significantly less force to achieve maximum compaction
  • Increases existing building material density and strengths
  • Reduces the requirement for importing expensive aggregates
  • Reduces water permeability through a tighter and denser structure
  • Reduces the damaging effects of water
  • Increases road surface life and reduces maintenance
  • Reduces vehicle ‘roll resistance’ resulting in reduced fuel usage, machinery wear and tear, etc.
  • Reduces tyre wear through an improved road surface
  • Reduces ongoing road maintenance costs due to a more structurally constructed road that is less
    prone to water damage
  • Reduces water usage in blending and compaction

Application Process

  • Determine the treatment depth
  • Rip the surface or apply material
  • Create the RT20 Dynamic solution
    • 0.3L of RT20 Dynamic per cubic metre of treated material
    • 50% of water expected to be required
  • Water in the RT20 Dynamic solution
  • Blend the material - add additional water if required
  • Lay the treated material out and compact
Pricing is based on a per litre rate. It can be supplied in 25L and 1000L (IBC container) quantities.
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