Lignosulphonate Dust Suppressant

Lignosulphonate (also known as Lignin) has been used successfully for dust suppression for many years. As a by-product of the wood pulping process its availability and price is dependant on that industry.

Our new DustWorx GX product can be used as a safe alternative to Lignosulphonate and has the following benefits:
  • Does not leach out of the surface with rain
  • Has moisture holding so will perform better at low application rates
  • Lower volumes of product (vs Lignosulphonate) are required for similar results
  • It is clean and does not smell
  • It will not stain or mark vehicles
  • Do not need to stop traffic during application
  • Is a concentrated polymer product so availability and pricing is consistent.

DustWorx GX can be supplied in 25L, 400L and 1000L (IBC container) quantities. Download DustWorx GX brochure here.

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