RT8: Medium Term Dust Control - High Traffic Areas

RT8 has been replaced by our new long term dust suppressant Zero which provides up to 12 months dust control. Click here for more information.

RT8 Dust Suppressant is used to prevent dust in areas where there is high traffic or where ongoing watering is not practical. A single application can prevent dust for up to 3 months. Re-application only requires 25% of the original application rate

RT8 is a natural modified oil developed with technology that allows the enviro-oil to be dispersed in water. This dispersing action allows RT8 to be added into water trucks and sprayed evenly over the treatment area. Once the product attaches to the dust and soil particles it becomes insoluble stopping it from being washed away. RT8 Dust Suppressant is the solution when continual watering to control dust is not an option.

You can download the RT8 Brochure (126KB) for more information.

If you have a particular application you would like us to discuss, require project pricing or would like more information then please send an email to sales@wetearth.com.au.