Bermad Electric Valve

Bermad Electric Control Valves are used extensively in the mining industry. The major benefit of these valves is the low electrical power required to operate between 2.5W and 10W and the large range of with voltage options including 12VDC, 12VAC, 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC, 240VAC. This makes them ideally suitated to applications where there are a large number of valves run as part of a single control system such as stockpiles spray systems, haul road spray systems and dust control systems. The low power requirements allow the use of decoder type control systems making installation and maintenance much easier.

Bermad Electric Valves come in a range of models. The following is a brief summary of the models used in mining applications. The 400 Series is the most common:
  • 400 Series: Coated Iron, PN16, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 50mm to 400mm flanged
  • 100 Series: Glass-Filled Nylon, PN10, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 80mm to 150mm flanged
  • 300 Series: Glass-Filled Nylon head (body material depends on size), PN10, 40mm - 80mm threaded
  • 700 Series: Coated Iron, PN16 & PN25, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 50mm to 500mm flanged

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