Bermad Pressure Reduction Valve

Bermad Pressure Reduction Valves are used extensively in the mining industry. The single chamber valves such as the 100 and 400 series allow pressure to be reduced to a set point in a line. This is useful when the inlet pressure is not known and the outlet pressure of the valve needs to be maintained below a pre defined level. The double chamber valves such as the 700 Series can also be used as ratio valves in that they can proportionally reduce the pressure of the line. These are a more efficient and reliable pressure reduction method in static flow situations. An example of this is reducing pressure in pipelines caused by elevation changes such as piping from the surface to an in pit standpipe.

Bermad Electric Valves come in a range of models. The following is a brief summary of the models used in mining applications. The 400 Series is the most common:
  • 400 Series: Coated Iron, PN16, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 50mm to 400mm flanged
  • 100 Series: Glass-Filled Nylon, PN10, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 80mm to 150mm flanged
  • 300 Series: Glass-Filled Nylon head (body material depends on size), PN10, 40mm - 80mm threaded
  • 700 Series: Coated Iron, PN16 & PN25, 40mm - 80mm threaded, 50mm to 500mm flanged

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