RT5 Superskin: Surface Crusting Agent - Long Term Non Traffic Areas

RT5 Superskin is a highly concentrated crusting agent. It is used to prevent dust in areas where there is no traffic. A single application can prevent dust for up to 9-12 months.

Some common applications include:

* Stockpile Dust Suppression
* Dust Suppression of large open spaces
* Dust Suppression of construction site when not active.

You can download the RT5 Superskin Brochure (470KB) for more information.

RST RT5 Superskin is available in 1L bottles, 25L containers, 200L drums and 1000L bulkies so please contact us for pricing.

If you have a particular application you would like us to discuss, require project pricing or would like more information then please send an email to sales@wetearth.com.au.