Automatic Washdown Sprinklers

The Sime Washdown Skipper has been the product of choice for automatically washing down under conveyors and other hard to access areas in major mines in Australia. The key features of the Sime Washdown Skipper include:
  • easy to set rotation limits
  • automatic rotation powered by water flow (no external power required)
  • smooth rotation with constant stream
  • use of Sime Skipper nozzles which allow minor adjustment (+3 or - 3 degrees) to the elevation angle
The Sime Skipper was originally designed for upright operation and when inverted for washdown use, allows dust and material to penetrate into the base of the sprinkler. In areas where there is falling material or high levels of dust this can have a impact on the long term reliability of the unit.

Wet Earth have now developed the Wet Earth Washdown Skipper V2 which modifies the standard Sime Washdown Skipper brass base to prevent material and reduce dust penetrating the base of the sprinkler.
Sime Washdown Skipper ImageWarning: Beware of counterfeit copies of the Sime sprinklers being sold in Australia. These can be easily identified by the lack of "Made in Italy" stamp and are frequently a different colour to legitimate Sime sprinklers. The legitimate Sime Washdown Skipper and Wet Earth Washdown Skipper V2 both have a brass base where the counterfeit copies have an aluminium base. The counterfeit copies were identified due to their high failure rates. Sime Australia only import the brass base Skipper for mining applications due to safety incidents with the aluminium base version in the 1980s.