Dust Tex Net Dust Containment

DustTexNet is a large scale dust containment system. It is also commonly called a dust wall.

The DustTexNet material has the following characteristics:
  • designed to stop dust particles while allowing air molecules to pass through
  • wind braking effect reducing dust lift off and dust movement
  • electrostatic attraction of dust particles to capture smaller dust particles when they impact the material
  • self cleaning through the action of the wind
  • non sparking and non flammable
  • UV stable for long lifespan
  • Resistant to strong winds

DustTexNet is has the following benefits over solid walls:

  • solid walls create wind turbulence which can cause dust lift off
  • solid walls are more expensive

DustTexNet looks like shade mesh which is commonly used for small scale dust walls. DustTexNet is different from shade mesh in the following ways.

  • DustTexNet is non sparking and non flammable - ideal for coal
  • DustTexNet is self cleaning
  • DustTexNet has electrostatic attraction of dust particles
  • DustTexNet has finer pores capturing smaller dust particles.

The DustTexNet material is a critical part of the a DustTexNet installation, but the installation provides additional benefits:

  • 10m to 55m high walls
  • zig zag material installation changes the angle of impact resulting in smaller dust particles get captured
  • Safety material release in very high winds